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Friday, August 19, 2011

1st Week of 2nd Grade Almost over....

So as this year has started and progresses I will be documenting Tay's journey through the 2nd grade, as well as documenting Bub's senior year... and how he knows it all and I know nothing.
But let's start with exciting news. You know 7 years ago when DH and I stood in front of a glass window while our little boy laid in a machine with all kinds of alarms we made a promise to God each day. If you please let him live we will tell everyone of your miracles. We will share you love, miracles, mercy and grace each day with those we come in contact with. He granted our prayer of allowing our baby boy to live. However, it did not come without struggles.

As I often sit and question God why did you not make him whole, why did you allow him to have difficult situations to overcome.
After this first week of school, he has answered my question (7 years later) If Tay did not have obstacles to overcome, if he did not have milestones that were hard to meet how would you know my miracles, how would you know when it was time to share my love with others. If he was a "normal" little boy why would people want to read about his acomplishments. If they didn't know the struggles he has had along the way why would they want to listen to the promise you made to me on that 4th floor hospital window?

So our first week of 2nd grade is about to be completed.... I believe that God has once again began to work his miracles for DH and I to give him the glory, credit and honor. I know that he placed Tay in Mrs. D's class there are several reasons....

1. She has the passion to teach children and open their minds to many new things
2. God had trusted her with so many special children over the years
3. Her heart is so open and big she loves them because of each of their qualities not because of who their parents are.
Tay every night this week has completed Math homework. He has been so excited to bring work home and work on it with his older brothers, who deserve some credit theirself by making his homework such a big deal and both brothers helping him with it and rewarding him after it is complete. He has the desire to learn, do more, and make his teacher proud of him for what he is able to do. He has wanted to learn spelling words, do math homework and get up to go to school. He has been so happy this week and that is worth more than any amount of money available.
Last night Mrs. D told me about a project they did with an orange and flashlight to talk about the sun and moon and earth. She told me to ask him what he was. So I did and he laughed and said "I was earth" "I turned in circles" so I began to ask him more questions about what they were doing and he said we were talking about day and night mom.

So when I woke him up this morning I wanted to see if he remembered what he learned and he repeated what he told me last night!!! I can't even tell you how excited I am to travel this journey with Tay for the 2nd grade. I believe in my heart this year is the year that God has BIG plans for Tay, plans of growing, learning, and giving him what he needs. I believe this is the year that miracles will happen for him and God will get all the glory, credit, and honor. He will show people that through faith, prayer, and love, mountains can move. With praying without doubt a baby boy who at birth was supposed to be blind, deaf, and retarded will read books, do math, write answers on a paper and be able to achieve things that doctors have said was not possible. While I believe that God will do wonders this year with Tay I also know this is a journey that will continue for a lifetime. While the entire journey God will be with us the entire way.

I hope you join us on this journey for the school year and follow the miracles that happen not just for Tay but for his class mates, for Mrs. D, and our family. That through this you will be able to see the wonders of God and what he wants to do not just for Tay but for everyone!!!
Thanks for joining us and we will continue to update you!!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy July 4th

Happy July 4th... Holidays are so much fun these days with Baby T understanding what is going on. We put off some fireworks last night and he was soooo excited that he couldn't stand it. He would clap and say Dad you did a good job after each one. Now he is anxious to put more off again.
I figured the loudness would scare him but it didn't.
I am so excited to have one more day off!!! I am getting closer and closer to happier days very soon. It's just so hard to deal with difficult people every day. I am painting my kitchen today it is going to be a light brown. I asked D to help me with it and he opened the can and spilled the paint all over the kitchen floor and on the carpet in the den.... UUUGGHHH but oh well now I will have to paint faster than I wanted to. The boys are all outside swimming and their dad is asleep in the chair and I am taking a break from swimming.
Tonight we are having an outside movie at the club that will be fun!!! I think we will show percy jackson and the olympians it seems to be an ok movie....
well i guess i better get back to painting before everything dries up!!
Have a very happy 4th and STAY SAFE!!!
Talk to you soon,

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


So today is Wednesday and baby T got a new puppy. He was so excited to get the puppy.. we named him bubba and we bought him a special bed, food, and a new bowl. T keeps getting up out of bed to check on his puppy he is sooo sweet.
July 4 is coming soon and the big boys are going to buy their own fire works this year with their own money!!! That makes me so excited. I don't have to waste my money for the first time on fire works...
DH has been on vacation since Monday and today was my first day back at work after being sick. I know that I should be in bed right now but the peace and quiet is soooo nice!!! I need to schedule a scrap day with my closest friends we have such a great time when we do that. I wonder if I should like make it a theme day and we all work on the same type of thing?? Or if we should bring someone in to teach us something new.
I have so many projects I want to do and there just isn't enough time in the day....
there is a really cool blog that I found online that if you like to do crafts you should really check her out it is alot of cool ideas on there and things to do.
I went to get a coke and realized my boys have drank them all and also drank my 2 liter of pepsi uuggghhh that makes me so mad when they do that.
back to the grind stone tomorrow.... why couldn't i have been rich or win the lottery. So I guess I better log off and go to bed so I am not so crabby in the morning... LOL

Talk to you later,

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Catching up!!

It has been a long time once again since I posted. We are finally in summer vacation and enjoying not having to rush through the mornings to get ready and get to school. Baby T graduated kindergarten and is now moving on to 1st grade. D and C both have jobs this summer and earning their own money! We have a pool in the back yard now it is nice to have a place to swim!! We also have our own drive in theater that DH created for us. That was really neat. I have had pnuemonia again and that was miserable.
It is quiet in the house here everyone is asleep and I am the only one up at the moment. I have worked alot on cricut machine loving my new cartridges. I think i have an addiction that i am not ready to admit yet... LOL. I have created lots of projects with it.
It is getting late so I guess I better finish my 18th load of laundry and then head to bed.... I didn't get the time to make purple jello for baby t tonight so i will send to grandmas and ask her to make it for him tomorrow...
Now that we have internet at home somewhat i will post more often!! Hope you stop by and read it often and leave comments.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Long time since I posted last

Wow it has been such a long time since I posted... Since I posted last T got glasses we just went to the doctor and they saw an improvement in the glasses so we get to wait until July before we find out if we need surgery or not.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Well we have our new glasses and today was our first full day of wearing them. He was not excited in the least but once dad but something on to help keep them on his face he was happy. I got a progress report from school yesterday also and I spent quite a bit of the evening crying. I know that once his eyes are fixed that we might see an improvement in school but until then I continue to worry about him and how he is progressing.

Once again, I throw a pitty party and play the not fair card. I tend to find myself very angry at her for causing this to my child.... (when I say her I refer to the biological mother) if you didn't know you will know now that T is adopted.

We have had several melts downs this week and been up past midnight each night. I try laying in bed with him and reading to him but he doesn't want a part of it. So I just try to hold him.

The big boys are doing well. D came home today one of his friends is moving to Bentonville because she doesn't like the drama here in Gravette... so he is not in a good mood.

We did manage to get our tree up and now I just need to decorate. The thing that seems to calm T at night is driving around looking at Christmas lights but two of his favorite houses did not have their lights on last night and he was SOOOOO mad. He told me to sit in front of their house until they turned their lights on. I told him they would call the police if we did that and he said Good the cops can tell them to turn the light on!!!

Sorry it has been awhile since I posted things have been so crazy....

Talk to you soon,

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Another Week almost complete!!

Well we went to the eye doctor on Tuesday. Ta will wear glasses for 2 months. The doctor didn't want to ruin his Christmas by having surgery so he said let's try these glasses for 2 months and see if we can prolong it. I asked if there was a way that we could prolong it all together and he said No that 2 months would be all he would give us because the longer we wait the harder it will be for him to put all the pieces back to together again... so does that my make baby boy Humpty Dumpty???
This tells you that you eat out too much when we were on our way back we stopped at a little McDonalds in a truck stop. I ordered for us and pulled up to the window. Ta was in the back seat and said Mommy how will we get our food there isn't a #2 window??? I said oh they will give it to us right here and he said no #2 window? He knows that we pay at the first window get our food at the second window!!! Now that is a kid that has been trained to eat out!!!

Little C had his first basketball game!!! He did a great job and I was proud of him until I noticed at the last minute of the game he shoved this kid REALLY HARD and then pulled his shirt and pulled him back, well I am getting all kinds of mad and telling his dad to deal with this and he told me to sit back and watch the game. Later on I find out the coach had told him to do that (somehow this is part of the game) the funny thing was the ref never saw it and he was standing right there when it happened. I am learning alot about basketball... more than I care to but I did the same with football.

Dev has been trying harder in school and I have been loving the attitude change since his 17th birthday!!! However I dread that his one month of being 17 is fast approaching and the Navy recruiter will start calling on him... UUUGGGHHH

I hope you all have a great weekend if I don't get time to post tomorrow!!

Love ya,