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Friday, August 19, 2011

1st Week of 2nd Grade Almost over....

So as this year has started and progresses I will be documenting Tay's journey through the 2nd grade, as well as documenting Bub's senior year... and how he knows it all and I know nothing.
But let's start with exciting news. You know 7 years ago when DH and I stood in front of a glass window while our little boy laid in a machine with all kinds of alarms we made a promise to God each day. If you please let him live we will tell everyone of your miracles. We will share you love, miracles, mercy and grace each day with those we come in contact with. He granted our prayer of allowing our baby boy to live. However, it did not come without struggles.

As I often sit and question God why did you not make him whole, why did you allow him to have difficult situations to overcome.
After this first week of school, he has answered my question (7 years later) If Tay did not have obstacles to overcome, if he did not have milestones that were hard to meet how would you know my miracles, how would you know when it was time to share my love with others. If he was a "normal" little boy why would people want to read about his acomplishments. If they didn't know the struggles he has had along the way why would they want to listen to the promise you made to me on that 4th floor hospital window?

So our first week of 2nd grade is about to be completed.... I believe that God has once again began to work his miracles for DH and I to give him the glory, credit and honor. I know that he placed Tay in Mrs. D's class there are several reasons....

1. She has the passion to teach children and open their minds to many new things
2. God had trusted her with so many special children over the years
3. Her heart is so open and big she loves them because of each of their qualities not because of who their parents are.
Tay every night this week has completed Math homework. He has been so excited to bring work home and work on it with his older brothers, who deserve some credit theirself by making his homework such a big deal and both brothers helping him with it and rewarding him after it is complete. He has the desire to learn, do more, and make his teacher proud of him for what he is able to do. He has wanted to learn spelling words, do math homework and get up to go to school. He has been so happy this week and that is worth more than any amount of money available.
Last night Mrs. D told me about a project they did with an orange and flashlight to talk about the sun and moon and earth. She told me to ask him what he was. So I did and he laughed and said "I was earth" "I turned in circles" so I began to ask him more questions about what they were doing and he said we were talking about day and night mom.

So when I woke him up this morning I wanted to see if he remembered what he learned and he repeated what he told me last night!!! I can't even tell you how excited I am to travel this journey with Tay for the 2nd grade. I believe in my heart this year is the year that God has BIG plans for Tay, plans of growing, learning, and giving him what he needs. I believe this is the year that miracles will happen for him and God will get all the glory, credit, and honor. He will show people that through faith, prayer, and love, mountains can move. With praying without doubt a baby boy who at birth was supposed to be blind, deaf, and retarded will read books, do math, write answers on a paper and be able to achieve things that doctors have said was not possible. While I believe that God will do wonders this year with Tay I also know this is a journey that will continue for a lifetime. While the entire journey God will be with us the entire way.

I hope you join us on this journey for the school year and follow the miracles that happen not just for Tay but for his class mates, for Mrs. D, and our family. That through this you will be able to see the wonders of God and what he wants to do not just for Tay but for everyone!!!
Thanks for joining us and we will continue to update you!!!

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